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Teacher Certification Dissertations

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Dissertations for Teacher Training Education

  • Aaron, Rebekka L.

    Using electronic mail to enhance instructional immediacy: Effects on college students' achievement and instructor evaluations

    Ph.D. thesis, Purdue University.

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  • Abalhassan, Khalid Mohammad I.

    English as aforeign language instruction with CALL multimedia in Saudi Arabian private schools: A multi-case and multi-site study of CALL instructors' pedagogies and beliefs

    Ph.D. thesis, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Abate, Lisa Marie

    Technology Integration and Novice Teachers: Looking at Technology Use of Novice Teachers in the Context of Their First Year of Teaching

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Texas at Austin.

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  • Abbott, Lynda Daisy

    Novice teachers' experiences with telementoring as learner-centered professional development

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Texas at Austin.

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  • Abdulla, Ahmad G.

    Distance learning students' perceptions of the online instructor roles and competencies

    Ph.D. thesis, The Florida State University.

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  • Abernathy, Lucy Kay Nolte

    Impact of networked schools on professional development activities as perceived by Texas educators of the Region 5 Education Service Center

    Ph.D. thesis, Texas A&M University.

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  • Abshire, Sheryl R.

    The impact of Louisiana INTECH professional development on elementary school leaders' perceptions of change and student achievement

    Ph.D. thesis, University of New Orleans.

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  • Achrazoglou, George John

    Assessing teacher preparedness using electronic portfolios and conventional methods

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Iowa.

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  • Adada, Nisrine Nabih

    The role of technology in teachers' professional development

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Southern Mississippi.

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  • Adams, Caroline Beth

    An analysis of the relationship between learning styles and the growth in technology abilities among teacher education majors

    Doctor of Education thesis, The University of Mississippi.

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  • Adams, Rebecca Davis

    A case study of professional development in an online environment: The experiences of a group of elementary teachers

    Ph.D. thesis, New Mexico State University.

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  • Adams, Reid L.

    Pop culture and pedagogy: Taking up school documentaries in teacher education

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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  • Adamy, Peter Hilton

    An analysis of factors that influence technology integration by math teacher educators

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Virginia.

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  • Addis, Ashley Janel

    A comparison of face-to-face and online learning environments to prepare teachers to use technology

    Master's thesis, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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  • Aden, Lori Ann Parsley

    Effects of learning styles on online professional development with educators

    Ph.D. thesis, Walden University.

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  • Adeogba, Elatunbi S.

    Notions and practices of spirituality: An etiology of technology, education, and teacher preparation

    Doctor of Philosophy thesis, New Mexico State University.

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  • Adkin, Sally Mason

    The relationship of features of professional development: A structural equation modeling investigation of a technology professional development initiative

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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  • Africano, Stephanie A.

    Faculty communication through interactive technology

    Master's thesis, California State University, Long Beach.

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  • Akyeampong, Albert S.

    The relationship of technology use to perception of instructional quality

    Ph.D. thesis, Ohio University.

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  • Albalwi, Salem A.

    Intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence instructors' use of e-learning

    Ph.D. thesis, West Virginia University.

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As part of university training for pre and primary school teachers, the teaching practice internship in schools and the teaching project carried out on which the thesis is based is a fundamental process in constructing the future profession. This experience gives future teachers the opportunity to practice formulating research questions, plan and implement a teaching process and engage in critical reflection regarding the specific object of study. This paper is part of a study, being carried out in the Education Faculty of a University in the North of Italy, which involves two courses and considers the construction of the peer work group, the use of planning tools and individual and group documentation- also in virtual platforms- as well as discussion about the research objects to be crucial training strategies. The paper illustrates the results of an exploratory study aimed at investigating innovative aspects, strong and critical points with the students involved in the shared process based on their future experience as teachers.

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