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Bedlam 1946 Essay Scholarships

Many scholarships require an essay as part of the application process. However, if writing an essay isn’t in your wheelhouse but getting money for college is, you can still compete for scholarship money by applying for no-essay scholarships.

The following are five scholarships that don’t require you to pen any long prose. They do require you submit some information about yourself and, in some instances, answer some questions or complete some tasks. But there are no essays involved. The key to success with these – and all scholarship applications – is to follow instructions and make the deadlines.

Nitro College Scholarship

Next Deadline: End of the month, offered every month

The $2,018 Nitro College Scholarship is an opportunity for anyone enrolled in an accredited college or university for the 2018 school year. We know that college is a big step forward in achieving your goals and we want to help you get there using all the tools Nitro has to offer.

All you have to do is complete the online scholarship survey and answer three short-answer questions. 

$3,000 All About Education Scholarship

Deadline: April 30, 2018

The $3,000 All About Education Scholarship is open to students ages 13 or older who are enrolled in or will be enrolled in an accredited university, college or trade school by 2023. Complete the short online application and in 250 words or fewer, answer the question: “How will a $3,000 scholarship for education make a difference in your life?"  One application per person.

$2,000 "No Essay" College Scholarship

Deadline: End of every month.

This $2,000 award is given out every month. To apply, students just submit an application with basic identifying information, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores. Winners are determined by random selection, and you can submit a new application every month. 

This scholarship is open to high schoolers, adults heading back to school, current college students, and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school within the next 12 months.  Click here to apply for the scholarship. 

$1,000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship

Deadline: End of the month, every month

The $1,000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship has no essay and no GPA requirements. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in high school or college, or plan to enroll in college within the next 12 months. Simply complete an online Cappex profile and answer a short survey. You can apply for the scholarship every month.

$1,000 CollegeWeekLive Monthly Scholarship

Deadline: End of the month, every month

The $1,000 CollegeWeekLive Monthly Scholarship requires you register online at CollegeWeekLive.com, log in and visit five college pages between the first and last day of the month. You can apply for the scholarship every month.

Remember, scholarship money does not have to be paid back, so it is worth your time to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

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