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Social Evils In Our Society Essays

Social Evils

We are well aware of the bitter reality that Social Evils are an ineluctable part of our society and its predominant causer is man himself. The reason is that he cannot control his fluctuating desires and is unable to channelize them in a positive manner therefore the Social Evils arise. It is the people of the society who have made life so complicated for themselves and for others that leaves far behind the idea of simplicity which our religion also enforces. “Survival of the fittest” has become order of the day.

This idea no doubt, projects hope and positivity. Yet, at the same time this idea of being the “fittest” of all has led people to adopt immoral means and ways. We must acknowledge that man initially is a sinner and contains the substance of Evil in his heart and mind but this should be suppressed. However, instead of suppressing, it is going the other way round as it is illuminated. The point of suggesting this is that with the age of modernity, human beings have progressed and have even reached the moon which indeed is a real accomplishment worth appreciation.

But on the other hand, they have started to degenerate morally. His desire to gain more power, yearning to fit in the society has compelled him to follow the path of evil. He does not realize that moral stability should be there to exist in the society. It is indeed, the people who have deviated from their Moral Sense inorder to achieve materialistic gains which causes disruption in the society. As we know that a society comprises of people therefore, the people are the causes to spread evils and chaos in their overall surroundings.

Certainly, Social Evils are the result of Man’s inability to control his wishes and desires which motivate him to commit wrong and harm the society. The pressure and demands of the society promote wrong doings which pollutes the society. Nonetheless, man himself is responsible and the root cause for the existence of social evils. Though he is a “social animal”, yet, he can transform himself into a beast inorder to satisfy his unacceptable motives and wishes. So, the inhumanity of people leads to such consequences which will shatter them in future.

The Social Evils manifest themselves in many ways. For instance, in the form of corruption, juvenile delinquency, greed, prostitution, sexual harassment, child abuse and so on. Peer Group: Another poignant cause for Social Evils is the influence of peer group. The desire to become a part of the peer group is strong enough in an individual especially youngsters and children that they can go to extremes. Thereby, it is evident that peer group plays an eminent role in a person’s life and thus at times it highlights his disastrous future as well.

People indulge themselves in anti-social behavior which brings humiliation to their parents and families. It is famously quoted that: “A man is known by the company he keeps”. This pertains to the idea that the reputation and future of an individual is determined or judged by his company. This can be substantiated by taking a common example of the elite class which is yet another cause of Social Evils. People, as already mentioned desire monitory gains and popularity. A teenager, though is in a growing process and inspite of having intellect is not ripe enough what he really wants.

Therefore status consciousness refers to the cause of evil path due to which numerous people are suffering. By watching the high class people, various individuals want to adopt a certain lifestyle which is parallel to theirs. Then the rise of Social Evils like robbery, drinking and use of drugs takes place. The youngsters perceive these sort of things as “cool” but they do not realize what harm they are deliberately inflicting on themselves and especially to the society. This can create a never ending chain of destruction ans the result would be traumatic leading to emotional turmoil and physical decay as well.

Corruption: A Social evil

Every patch of Indian Society has become corrupt.” – T.N. Sheshan

The most distressing aspect of the widespread corruption in India is the fact that it is not anymore confined to politicians or the government machinery alone. It is prevalent amongst almost every section of the society at every level.

As the practice of corruption is a dishonest act, one has to think that most of the Indians are dishonest, which could be different only in degree between the individuals. As the reason for the dishonesty is the lust of things at any cost one can think that most of the country men are greedy and do not think anymore that the means should justify the ends. This is not a flattering statement and many readers would desire that it would not be so and such statement could have been avoided. But the fact is that most of the Indians are involved in corrupt practices in one way or the other, either due to greed or due to so called compulsion. In any cases, the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of not getting involved in corrupt dealings is conspicuous by its absence amongst the most.

The study of world phenomenon on corruption has repeatedly branded India in the list of one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Unfortunately, this view has not disturbed most of t he Indians at all and they do not seem to care as to what operation the world has about them; so long as the existing systems and practices would allow them to make money and get things done in one way or the other.

The irony is that India is still considered to be a very religious country and it is still widely believed that the religions is the basis of Indian life, thoughts and actions. This is obviously true, considering the fact that there are hundreds of temples, churches and mosques spread all over the country and they are all densely vested in and day out by the feverishly praying Indians.

Is not religious ethos contrary to corruption and dishonest practices? The unfortunate situation in India is that those who call themselves most religious are often found to have indulged themselves in dishonest practices on many occasions. Several of the religious centers of all religions are suspected to be steeped in nepotism, as such incidents have been repeatedly published in the press.

It does not shock Indians anymore to know that not only the politicians, ministers and IAS and IPS officers are corrupt but even the judges, professors, doctors and NGO organization are not out in the race. Corruption is not only prevalent amongst rich who are greedy in spite of possessing enough but also prevalent amongst poor may it be to earn their bread.

Now, what can be the future of the Indian polity in such conditions? There can be only frustration, chaos, unrest and even bloodshed in the near future. This kind of corruption in the national polity and public and private life cannot go on forever, without disturbing the overall peace in the society. It is sad that those who are governing the nation today do not appear to realize this and still are merrily going ahead with their dealings unconcerned about the harm that it would inevitably do to the larger national cause.

What is most alarming and extremely disturbing about this country is that Ministers are also suspected have a hand in murder. Chief Ministers of swindling crores of public money, senior police officers of molestation charges are all living in comforts and enjoying positions, thus effectively exposing the fact that the crusade against corruption has finally failed in India.

Even as the vicious cycle of corruption would continue with one swindling the other, there could be a number of persons who would be left out of this cycle due to inefficient or commitment to the cause of truth and such persons would be driven down to despair.

The incidents of history indicate that some of such persons who are out of the corruption loop could take up the war against corruption at one time. But, they would find that in a corruption entrenched system, they would not be able to improve the conditions and therefore, a few of them may finally take to physical attack on corrupt and dishonest persons, leading to violence and bloodshed. Security, dogs and mere police rifles will not be ablr tyo beat down such determined crusaders even if they are booked under the law could come out scot free with the help of corrupt judiciary.

The politicians and bureaucrats would call such crusaders as arsonists or terrorists. But, history would judge them differently. There are a number of detained isolated war groups already existing in the country and they are generally branded as terrorist groups and treated brutally by the state machinery, without investigating the reasons for their existence. One would shudder to think as what would happen to the peace of the society, if such groups would enlarge its size and number for the sake of eradicating corruption.

Those holding the positions of President, prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of this country and Chief Ministers of this country and chief Ministers of the states should have the wisdom to realize the potential dangers facing this corrupt ridden Indian society. They should not remain as small people who would compromise with the aspects of good governance for the sake of remaining in power for a few number of days more.

The former Chief Vigilance Commissioner Mr. N. Vittal had suggested several times that a new fundamental right such as Right to “Corruption Free Service” be incorporated in our Constitution. If such a fundamental Right is provided, it would confer on the citizens the right to take on the corrupt officials. But Mr. Vittal’s lonely crusade against corruption had remained a cry in the wilderness. During the British Regime, thousand of freedom fighters sacrificed their personal happiness and comfort, even their lives for the national cause. They considered selfless service as their great reward, and what do we see now? People fight tooth and nail to grab any political post from Pach, Sarpanch, Councilor, MLA, MP to Cabinet Minister, in order to make fortune enough for generations. Polities has become the most lucrative business where money power and muscle power are the investments to earn money not only for own generations but for your friends, relatives and other associaters. The following lines depict that thinking of present day politicians:

“My aim is to serve the people

Who says this aim is sinister.

First elect me an MLA

I will surely become a Minister

To amass wealth is not a sin,

Lakshmi is the Goddess, not a witch

After all Politics is my business.

What though I become very rich”.

An indefatigable T.N. Sheshan, when he was the Chief Election Commissioner, tried to cleanse the election system in order to root out corruption from public life. He failed! The ruin of Indian political system is almost complete, when the corrupt officers and the politicians contaminate the whole political arena. How can we expect from the politicians having criminal background to provide us pure governance?

With the appointment of Lok Ayuktas, it was hoped that they will do something concrete to root out the evil of corruption from the Indian society, but it couldn’t. the cancer of corruption has taken such an alarming shape in the body of Indian Society that, to remove it fully has become an impossible task. Several departments are well known for their corrupt ethics like, Transport Deptt., Forest Deptt., Sale Tax, Income Tax Dept. PWD, even now several cases from Judiciary are gradually coming into picture. Corruption among politicians is well accepted by everyone. Despite more than 55 years of independence, India figures in the first 30 most corrupt countries, as per a survey report published by an Independent agency Transparency International Berlin. In January 2000, seventeen top IAS, IPS Officers including some of the Secretary rank, in Delhi, were among the bureaucrats against whom the Central Vigilance Commission recommended criminal or departmental proceedings on corruption charges. The well-known case of Ravindra Pal Siddhu, Chairman Punjab Service Commission, who created an empire of his won by selling every job against hefty payments, is an example of organized corruption. One another case of organized corruption came to light recently.

The Santhnam Committee on Prevention of corruption 1962 revealed that the corrupts exercise their power and influence associated with their office in an improper and selfish manner. The bureaucrats are generally doing all such things in association or under the protection of their political bosses. A huge number of cases are pending against many politicians even the highest political ranking office of PM has not been freed from the corruption charges. Mr Narsimha Rao faced many flagrant charges of corruption. What to talk of Chief Ministers? The cases lodged against Ms Jaylalita, Lalo Prasad Yadav, Mayawati are well known examples. Cases of Sukharm,. Kaplanath Rai, the then Ministers had made the people clearly believe that politics is the best business to mint money.

Is there any salvation for our country from this virtual poisoning of the entire system? There entire system is attacked by the cancer of corruption. We are at a loss as how to exercise the devil of corruption. There are indeed a few hones leaders and officials everywhere because of whom the nation survives. A national leader admitted sometime ago that corruption like diabetes can only be controlled but cannot totally be eliminated. The Ex. Central Vigilance Commissioner has termed obsolete laws and time consuming bureaucratic procedures a breeding ground for corruption. He suggested that there should be no law on the statue book for more than five to ten years, unless re-enacted after careful examination.

The government has recently announced the rules regarding the Right to Information Act and adopted the Transparency in Public Procurement Act. We have our CBI, CVC, Anti Corruption Department. These must be made autonomous, free from the grip of politicians. Well established, honest officials should be posted as head in these departments. Their promotions and postings must be away from the hands of politicians. The Judicial system of our country is also required to be further empowered. The delay in justice is a big reason for spreading of corruption. Corrupt official and politicians can delay the justice as long as they wish. More Fast Trial courts must be established to try cases of corruptions in very district. The penalty and fine to be imposed on the corrupts must be revised and suitably enhanced so that it has some deterrent effects.

The honest bureaucrats must be given due recognition and protection. We are living in a democratic country. We must be aware to our right and power of voting. Dishonest, Corrupt Politicians must not be voted to come into power whether he or she belongs to our caste, creed or religion. Unless the general mass be awaken, the evil of corruption can’t be rooted out from the Indian society. Every citizen has to take cudgels to fight this evil, if we like to save our beloved country from the jaws of this monstrous animal.

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