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Poorva Tayal Goyal Assignments

Professor R.C. Yadav passed B.Sc. Agri Engineering from the then U.P.  Agricultural University, Pant Nagar,India, in year 1968 and M Tech in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1970. He worked as Research Engineer in All India Coordinated Research Scheme Centre Located at University of Udaipur, Rajasthan from Jan, 1970 to Jan 1972 and shifted to College of Agricultural  Engineering at the same University in Feb 1972. He taught B Tech Agric. Engineering Degree Class courses of Soil Conservation and Irrigation Engineering. In May 1972, he joined at ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute Jodhpur. He conducted research on Hydrology, Water Technology and Conducted Training on Rural Engineering Survey. He also conducted experimental studies on Dry Land Agriculture as well as Soil Water Plant Relationships.

Professor Yadav worked with the Ministry of Hydraulics, Irrigation, Earth and Environment, Ministry of Hydraulics, Land and Environment, Government of Algeria, as Ingenieur D’,Etat from November,1977 to Nov 1979 and designed and prepared estimates of  Projects on Sanitation and Rural Water Supply and Irrigation in Wilaya Biskra at Brink of Sahara Desert of Algeria. In December 1979 he joined at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria on renewable contractual appointment for teaching and research works, where he worked until Nov, 1985, with promotion in 1983 for his exemplary services with the University. He returned back to work with ICAR and joined at Agra  Central Soil and Water Conservation Research Institute, Research Centre in Indo Gangetic Zone of India, which is known as food basket of India.. He worked on land and water resources, especially the gully eroded lands, conservation of natural resources viz land, water, vegetation, environmental factors and the people. The people were taken as resources in watershed management projects to generate business for sustainable development of agriculture, environment and to improve standard of living of people.

He completed Ph D in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai in July, 1997. His Ph.D Thesis topic was, “Impact evaluation studies of agriculture landuse in gulled watershed”. He worked as core member and team leader for reclamation of gully eroded lands escapes, carried out several watershed management projects on peoples’ participation. He was promoted as Principal Scientist in July 1997and appointed as Head of Research Centre, Agra in December, 2002. He led   monitoring and evaluation of projects implemented by various implementing agencies, carried out monitoring and evaluation of state wise project entitled, “Bhumi  Sena Yojana (land army project)”, implemented by the Government of Uttar  Pradesh, India. All categories of lands viz, gullied, saline, alkali waterlogged and submerged, dry land   and irrigated lands were improved upon to restore their productivity. The evaluation indicated that among all classes, reclamation of water logged land is most economical and cost effective. During this period he also worked as Principal Investigator (PI) of ICAR Adhoc Project on watershed management simulation modeling, externally funded project viz US India Fund Project, World Bank funded National Agricultural Technology Project on Moisture Conservation and Runoff Management covering  Agra. District.

He devised various novel methods and materials complementary to the field of his working in the respective area of his professional assignments. To name some the development of process for eradication of polluting  gas , which happens to be problem in enclosed space such as wells, caves, basements, cabins, marshy lands, even eradication of polluting gases viz CO2 and SO2 responsible for acid rain formation. Carried out development of mathematical models for analyzing rainfall data for predicting rainfall amount and daily rainfall patterns for agricultural planning for sustainable production. Developed water harvesting practices for sites having the limitations either of water, land or crop type for sustainable production. Developed multi-crop seed and fertilizer drill for enhancing use of nutrient and water in dry land farming.

After his research and academic institution management for more than two decades withICAR, an apex body of research, in agriculture, natural resources management and food production, he joined Indian and Foreign Universities as professor Civil - Water Resourcesand Environmental Engineering in India and Abroad and acquired academic excellence in Sciences and Engineering. During these periods he grasped well the principles and applied them in agriculture to solve aspects of quantity and quality of production and inducement of sustainability. He wrote quality publication on land, water management, nutrient, production technologies, irrigation and drainage engineering. With new scientific and environmental approach he produced path breaking researches onNature agriculture, for universal quantum mechanics based technologies and green House Gas emission reductions. During this period he created path breaking innovative researches on food production of quality and quality. His scientific application based researches on technology of smart, alive and enthusiastic nature agriculture, Management of nitrogen cycle, drainage engineering, technology for production of designer quality rice, ultimate green irrigation practice and combating menaces of Green House gases and Environmental Pollution a created new paths. He guided projects on water resources development for high/hilly lands for African countries Innovative application of scientific factshave been demonstrated for residue and waste management. He is renowned for his innovative development for eliminating toxicity.

Professor Yadav worked with different nationals on collaborative projects, published international Research articles in the areas of water resources development and management, be it shortage, highly fluctuating or surplus. He carried out water management projects for agriculture, for people water supply and sewage disposal and under took monitoring and evaluation of water supply projects, undertaken for a complete development block in Gwalior District, Madhya Pradesh, India.  He refined concept of peoples’ participation in management of natural resources. He holds patent for eradication of polluting gas and was awarded Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru National Award in the year 1999 for outstanding Ph. D dissertation work carried out at Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, India, in 1997. He was awarded 2011 Emerald African Engineering Research Fund Award  in August  2012 for best project on developed for,” Creating Social Good in Africa”. He was Awarded World’s prestigious Thomas Edison Award 2014 Photon Fondation for Dissemination and Distribution of knowledge in civil Engineering to young research scholars. Thus, professor Yadav has about five decades research, and academic development experience to his credit.

He has been working on development of water, business based on water and environment interactions for enhancing food commodity and developed new concept of  productivity, creating storage locker for bringing livelihood for global gentry and stability in the commodity market.

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The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Antimicrobial 2017 to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash, Michael W. Young 

Dr. Mudasir Hafiz Khan is conferred with Best Thesis Award-2017 in Genetics and Plant Breeding

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 to Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish, Kip S. Thorne

Dr. Mudasir Hafiz Khan is conferred with Best Thesis Award-2017 in Genetics and Plant Breeding

The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2017 to Richard H. Thaler

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The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 to Kazuo Ishiguro

Dr. Lakshman Chandra De recognized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings with  J.D. Hooker Research Award 2017 in Biodiversity

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, Richard Henderson

Dr. Lakshman Chandra De recognized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings 

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