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Animal Cruelty Circuses Essays Online

Poor Treatment of Circus Animals Essays

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Poor Treatment of Circus Animals

The life of a circus animal is hard and demanding. It is not an acceptable way of life for an animal. Circuses would quickly lose their appeal if the public were more aware of their mistreatments of these animals. Many circuses do not have much money and as a result the animals suffer from inadequate care. These animals spend most of their time in small cages used for transportation. The Animal Welfare Act provides cage requirements, but many circuses fail to follow this law. Even the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus was cited for 65 violations over a two-year period according to Florence Lambert. When traveling, animals spend hours, even days between sites in confinement..
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As a result animals suffer and die due to the lack of proper medical attention.
Physical confinement is very harmful physiologically and psychologically. The Born Free Foundation conducted a study that found that 22% of the time confined elephant’s present abnormal action, like repeated head bobbing or swaying. Confined bears spend 30% of their time pacing.
Training is another concern. Physical punishment has long been the standard training method for animals in circuses. These methods are simply cruel. They include the use of electric prods, whips, and even some animals especially large cats, have their teeth removed. Bears balancing on balls, apes riding motorcycles, elephants standing on two legs are acts that are physically uncomfortable and behaviorally unnatural. Such “performances” do not teach audiences about how animals behave under normal circumstances. Instead, they are often portrayed as ferocious and stupid.
The effect of cruel animal treatment in circuses is becoming more and more apparentIn 1994 the Fox Show Animals fighting back an African elephant killed her trainer and injured 13 people before being shot to death. A few years ago a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey trainer was mauled by a tiger leaving him paralyzed for life. The tiger was shot to death.
However this isn’t the end. Those who out live their usefulness as performers are usually sold to smaller circuses, private managers,

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Zoos, Circuses, and Aquariums: Cruel and Unjust Essay

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Zoos, Circuses, and Aquariums:
Cruel and Unjust
Zoos, circuses, and aquariums have been around for many years. Families across the planet flock to these facilities to have an entertaining day in the great outdoors. Mothers and father show their children the beautiful, exotic animals at these places in a hope to educate them on the wonders of the world. The general public holds places like the San Diego Zoo, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and SeaWorld in high esteem. Sadly, most are unaware of the injustices against wild animals in these facilities. Animal rights activists fight for the rights of exotic animals in an attempt to free them from zoos, circuses and aquariums. Organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of…show more content…

The fact that these elephants died because of improper care from a facility that is supposed to be the best place for them is heartbreaking. Since zoos are unable to provide the habitat the wild animals need they should be disbanded. It is not just zoos who are so unfair, circuses also do not have suitable homes for the animals they train and parade around. In most cases, circuses constantly travel, which means that animals are confined to boxcars, trailers, or trucks for hours to days at a time. Often times the weather is either extremely hot or bitterly cold. Elephants, big cats, bears, and primates are trapped in tiny, filthy cages where they eat, drink, sleep, defecate, and urinate all in the same place (PETA). This situation is terrible for any wild animal to be forced into. It is inexcusable for circuses to be so inconsiderate of their wild animals. In 2007, The Ringling Brothers circus was accused of chaining the elephants for more than twenty hours at a time (Evans). It is clear that encaging any animal for long amounts of time is cruel. Like zoos, circuses are incapable of supplying the proper habitat for the animals they own. Circuses may even be considered worse than zoos because they fail to give the animals any habitat at all. For this reason, circuses should be closed and all wild animals should be returned to their natural habitats.There are also many marine animals taken from the wide, endless ocean and

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